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Our Mission

To Provide U.S. Military Men And Woman
With Non-Lethal Ancillary Equipment And Other Necessities,
Thereby Improving Their Safety, Readiness, Comfort
And/Or Efficiency In Areas Of Combat Operations

Who We Are

Support-A-Soldier was founded in 2007 and began simply as the organization’s name might imply — with a mother’s desire to help her son, who was stationed in Iraq purchase some needed gear.

The "Project"

We make soldiers safer, more comfortable and more effective in combat areas by supplying gear/equipment which is not provided by the US military, or which is better than what soldiers are issued.

Upcoming Events

2017 NAPE Summit Charities Luncheon
Each year, the luncheon features a different and well known speaker and spotlights a different group of deserving charities as recipients. This year Support-a-Soldier has been honored as one of 3 charities to be sponsored.