War and conflict is unpredictable and no assurances are possible; however, Support-A-Soldier is confident that we CAN and WILL improve the safety, readiness, effectiveness and morale of those we supply. We DO make a substantial difference in our soldier’s lives and the lives of their families. We HAVE received feedback from MANY soldiers who shared tales of how the gear and equipment provided by Support-A-Soldier actually prevented serious injuries and the loss of life. Examples include a soldier that avoided a lost eye three days after ballistic glasses arrived, soldiers who were able to fend off the enemy because of gear that made them more efficient and more accurate in their defenses, and medical gear such as medical packs/tourniquets etc. that saved lives. Additionally, the unsolicited and unconditional support we provide to soldiers who are still in the fight lifts their spirits and cannot be measured, but is greatly appreciated. As long as our men and women are in forward positions fighting for freedom, democracy and quality of life Support-A-Soldier will be behind them.

Support-A-Soldier will continue to meet all legitimate and valid soldier requests as long as funding is available. Typically, requests are received directly from team leaders via email, shortly before deployment or after they are actually in forward combat positions. Once a request is received, our “Vetting Committee” (consisting of combat veterans and active military who have served in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of conflict) will assess the validity of the soldier request, making certain that the needs are real and not just a request for a “neat piece of kit”. If in doubt, our vetting committee will query the requesting soldier in more detail. Once validated and approved, Support-A-Soldier volunteers order the items and ship the items directly to their forward operating base.

Support-A-Soldier responds to the needs of men and women in all military branches who are deployed to forward operating areas. These troops benefit by receiving gear and equipment that makes them: (1) safer, (2) more efficient in their operations, (3) more effective at protecting themselves and their teammates, and (4) more capable of defeating the enemy. All of these things help our military men and women to come home safely and uninjured to their families.

With the expansion of extremism and terror throughout the world, the US military has grown its footprint to many new hostile areas. Recent soldier requests continue to be primarily from Afghanistan, and Iraq, however, as a result of this expansion the location of our support is likely to grow into new forward operating positions to meet new threats. For example, Support-A-Soldier has recently supplied soldiers and operators located in the Far East and Africa, and we anticipate new requests may be received from soldiers in Syria, Turkey, etc.

Support-A-Soldier’s purpose is clear and unfiltered; to help and support those who fight for our freedom, democracy and the way of life that we enjoy and have grown accustom to. Many of our board members have fought for our county, been wounded themselves (some numerous times) and lost comrades. These veteran board members volunteer their time to Support-A-Soldier because they understand the need for the gear and equipment that we provide, and the hardship it puts on soldiers if they pay out of pocket themselves, earning minimal pay. Support-A-Soldier stands behind those who are still in the fight and need our support.

We believe that it is important that we not forget those who are still in Harm’s Way. These men and women live in sparse conditions, operate in harsh terrain, are under-equipped and need assurance that our country is standing behind their service and sacrifice. Financial support from private donors and charitable grants are vital to Support-A-Soldier’s ability to continue to serve their needs and we are eternally grateful for the support that we receive.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, it is an honor to share this information with you and we greatly appreciate your consideration of Support-A-Soldier to be Your chosen charity. We cannot thank you enough for considering Support-A-Soldier for future donations and the support you will provide our active soldiers who are still in harms way.

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