Welcome and thank you for your interest in helping our men and women in the Armed Forces.

We are family and friends of soldiers working and volunteering to help our troops. Support-A-Soldier was founded in 2007 and began simply as the organization’s name might imply — with a mother’s desire to help her son, who was stationed in Iraq purchase some needed gear. It started with garage sales and bake sales with the help of family and friends to raise money. First her son, then his team, then another group and another and another. The requests began to flow in. A little seed of desire blossomed into an organization who has helped hundreds of deployed military men and women. Support-A-Soldier is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and a registered Colorado Charitable Organization.

What We Do:

We make soldiers safer, more comfortable and more effective in combat areas by supplying gear/equipment which is not provided by the US military, or which is better than what soldiers are issued. We are helping the fighting men and women who are deployed who are in the ‘heat, the cold, rocks and dirt’, and who would otherwise pay directly out of their own pockets or turn to their families to meet these needs. This organization is a venue for the American public to support, honor and give back to those who serve us by fulfilling requests from soldiers for items they would otherwise be purchasing themselves.
Primary Mission~ To Provide US Military Men And Woman With Non-Lethal Ancillary Equipment And Other Necessities, Thereby Improving Their Safety, Readiness, Comfort And/Or Efficiency In Areas Of Combat Operations.
Secondary Mission~ To provide support  to an individual soldier or the families of any soldier who SAS has previously supported pursuant to the Primary Mission that has fallen, is missing in action or otherwise been rendered disabled through experiences directly related to his or her service in areas of combat operations.

This is a forum that is designed to connect YOU, the American citizen, to those who defend you and the things you hold dear.

**note– the word “soldier” is used throughout this website as a generic term to identify an individual in any of our armed forces. We are honored to provide for all branches of the military.**

***Photos in this website that have faces blurred are those of Special Forces operators who we have supported and who for security reasons, cannot have their faces shown***

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