Dear Fellow Americans:

Most people in this country seem to feel powerless to do much that directly supports our soldiers. Without regard to politics or philosophy about our government’s policies, we believe that most people are united in their support of our troops, especially those who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. These brave men and women face harsh realities on a daily basis and many require help from those of us back home. The Support-A-Soldier venue is a way we can help and give back to those who serve.

Most of the soldier charities today are working to send care-packages or to help wounded soldiers and their families after they have returned home… and we support their causes 100%. However, ‘Support-A-Soldier’ is unique because we are focused more on helping soldiers who are still deployed to Forward Operating Bases, mostly in Afghanistan today.

What We Do:

We make soldiers safer, more comfortable and more effective in combat areas by supplying gear/equipment which is not provided by the US military, or which is better than what soldiers are issued. We are helping the fighting men and women who are deployed who are in the ‘heat, the cold, rocks and dirt’, and who would otherwise pay directly out of their own pockets or turn to their families to meet these needs.

We emphasize that indeed, the military issues what the soldiers need, however, Support-A-Soldier was ‘born’ from an awareness that often times because of specific missions, specialized training or individual needs, a soldier’s request for a piece of gear might be something that is not issued by the government or perhaps the request is for an item that is better designed than military issue.

‘Support-A-Soldier’ is about making the lives of our troops a bit easier and more comfortable during deployment. A few examples of kit we have supplied — a Special Operations team asked us for wrist-mounted GPS’s which were easier to use while keeping their hands on their weapons rather then digging through their packs for the issued GPS. We have filled orders for a ‘battle belt’ that helps to support and better distribute the 50+ lbs backpack, OR a needed specialty pair of boots because the orthopedic design was better. We receive all kinds of requests for gear that soldiers would otherwise be paying for out of their own pockets.

The volunteers of Support-A-Soldier are working with other parents of soldiers, business leaders and concerned citizens to help where we feel we can do the most good. While the “Care Packages’ of books and DVD’s and other treats sent by individuals and organizations are welcome, Support-A-Soldier provides additional choices to the public.

We want to make people aware that Support-A-Soldier offers a venue for the public to absolutely help soldiers, by providing specific items of gear needed by the troops. The Support-A-Soldier group acts as an intermediary between soldiers and the American public who wish to contribute and ‘Make A Difference’ to a soldier to help with the needs that are not being met. (See examples on ‘Soldier Request’ page)

How it works~

Individual soldiers, teams and units contact us with requests. The requests are sent to our vetting committee who continue to interact with the soldier(s) for specifics on the items requested. Our volunteers compile and update a database of potential donors and what it is they wish to provide. We match the request with the donor or we simply purchase the requested gear from our ‘general’ monetary donations. As one soldier put it “These unexpected but welcomed acts of kindness from complete strangers has a way of putting things in perspective and it helps us to realize that people back home really do support and believe in us and have not forgotten”.

Finally, we know that all of this is new and everyone can get overwhelmed by people or organizations wanting your money, time and support. We all have to choose what feels right to us. The Support-A-Soldier volunteers sincerely appreciate the interest you have shown, but never want to have anyone feel pressured at any time to get involved. Just spreading the word as many of you have done is very helpful. We all thank you. If you have an interest in supporting this project please email:

Very Truly,

Robb Fries
VP  Support~A~Soldier 

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