“The Soldier,
Above All Other People,
Prays For Peace,
For He Must Suffer And Bear
The Deepest Wounds And Scars Of War.”

~Douglas MacArthur













“We have received the helmets and they are EXACTLY what we’ve needed. Like the GPSs you sent to us, they were sent out on mission almost immediately. I am still somewhat in disbelief that we were able to find someone to help us out on this. I thought due to our request being so expensive, it was not realistic for us to ask for. On behalf of my team, I’d like to thank your organization and associates for the exceptional amount of support you’ve provided to us and other troops. You have raised the bar and set the example for what support is.”
~ SrA Armstrong

“We received both the tactical backpacks and headlamps. Thank you very much! they guys are very grateful for our generosity. We have been very busy lately, have been rocketed everyday for the last week. Hopefully we can end this very soon. Take care and God Bless.”

~ SFC Sandoval

“Your support and generous donation is very much appreciated. The garmin GPS that were purchased for the team will be put to great use. Their speedy ability to acquire an exact satellite fix is the extra edge the team may need to accomplish the mission.”

~ JW- ‘Special Forces’ Team Sergeant

“Dear Support-A-Soldier,

Today I happily received a package with some very high quality veterinary grade hair clippers and a number of extra clipper blades. This may seem like a small item, but a pair of reliable clippers will make a big difference for the Military Working Dogs (MWD) here in Southern Afghanistan.
I’ve attached some of our newsletter pages for your enjoyment. One of our jobs is to train Human Care Providers (you know…“People Doctors”) how to assist an injured canine in an emergency. Some scenes from MEDEVAC training are included.
It was our unit (and my team) that took care of Rocky, the military working dog who’s Purple Heart captured people’s hearts around the world this last Christmas. Dogs like Rocky are essential to troop safety and prevent casualties by detecting explosives and searching for weapon caches. Their unique and versatile abilities can’t be cop-ied by artificial means, and in terms of capability and effectiveness are unmatched by anything else on the battlefield. Above all these traits is their zeal for the job. These dogs love to work!
But when a working dog is injured, seconds count. My patients are a lot hairier than (most) human soldiers, so before we can effectively address their wounds we have to first get through all the mud, grit and debris that gets stuck in their fur. When Rocky was injured, our clinic had 4 sets of veterinary clippers, but they were all the rechargeable type and just weren’t up to the job. As we say in Texas they were “plum tuckered out”. We had to resort to disposable blades and soap to get the job done
Because of this wonderful gift, and the thoughtful inclusion of additional clipper blades from the Dover Saddler Company, we will have a much easier time treating the next Hero Dog wounded in the line of duty. Thank you for your generous care of our Warfighters, two and four legged alike. On behalf of the 994th MDVS and our War Dogs, Thank you!”

~CPT Miller

“I want to thank the ‘Support A Soldier’ organization for your generosity in filling our requests. The Rino GPS and the STOMPI medical packs are being put to very good use. As requested, we will leave the gear for the next rotation that follows us. Currently it is cold here with rain and snow. It makes it tougher for our convoys but it also means less attempts at attacks when the weather is bad. It is still dangerous on the roads tho, and we still find IED’s every time we go out. Sometimes I wish the enemy would show their face so we could do our job and come home.”

~ SGT W.Y.

“The BlackHawk Tactical Nomex Gloves are Awesome….. exactly what we needed and we applaud the people that have donated to this cause. I can not thank you enough.”

~ Sgt Powell

“Hey All, the tactical gloves we requested are ‘kickass’ and are so much better than our issued ones. Appreciate it So Much!”

~ Spc Dragoon

“Support A Soldier is such a great cause and we are thankful to be a part of it….on the tough days it makes it easier to know we are supported and appreciated back home.”

~ Pvc Gibson


I wanted to share a word of thanks for the support and interest you have taken in my team. When we deploy for a long time, we sometimes lose focus of why we’re there. Fortunately for us, our country has people like you, who continuously remind us why we do what we do. We appreciate your organization very much. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll do the same :)”
~ SSG Sean P.

” Good Day!

WE GOT EM! Our packages of knee pads and the ballistic sunglasses have arrived! I actually did a happy dance when I realized the boxes the mail room was passing out was for me and my team. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have applied to our request and support in general.

I would like to keep correspondence with you so that I might be able to help this cause in the near future upon re-deployment. Not sure what I can offer but whatever and however you can use me it will be very heart felt.

Pray for us and please pray for peace,”
~ 1st LT James H.

” Hello from Ghazni in Afghanistan.

First of all, let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support to our country’s troops! I have been an infantryman for 7 years now and with each passing deployment it feels like less and less people remember we still have countrymen fighting over seas. I have so much respect for those who truly understand what it means to be a patriot by means other than being on the front lines. Though, I am sure many of you have served in the Armed Forces at one point or another, I want to say we are indebted to you and your group. Thank you so much for the approval and the gifting of our GPS units, foot warmers, and head lamps. My guys were like kids at Christmas when we got the boxes. I’ll send pictures as soon as I can. ”
~ SGT Paul S.

” Hello All at Support A Soldier,

It was good to hear from you and to learn our gear is on the way. This actually made my week. I’ve been stressing lately and kind of needed a pick me up. By pick me up I don’t mean the boots and knee pads, but I mean your continuing support.”
~ SGT Patrick H.

” Hi right back to you Support a Soldier. Yes we received the Crye Precision pants and combat shirts. I have distributed them out to the guys on the outlying positions. We all love them and have already put them to good use! After sliding down a mountain on our asses all night our Crye pants were the only 2 pairs of pants that were not ripped from the entire Army platoon we were with. So again thank you and your organization so much! We are trying to get snap shots of us with the gear on once we all get together hopefully soon. So once I get that photo I will definitely pass it along to you. Again thank you!”
~ A1C Justin J.

” I just wanted to say a big thank you from me and my guys. Because you probably work with a lot of soldiers, I wanted to remind you of our request in case you did not remember. I am part of a four man communications team in Afghanistan and we are the ones going around setting up satelites and providing communications to small outlying bases. Most of the time we go out its pitch dark; we were supposed to get better flashlights when we got in country but our supply chain fell through. That’s when your organization stepped in. We can’t thank you enough. We requested some good strong flashlights from you several weeks ago and they just arrived and we are grateful to whoever helped us get these. Your help is greatly appreciated.

~ Spc. Roy K
115th Esb B Co

” HELLO Great People at Support A Soldier~ We recently received our backpacks and nomex gloves about 4 days ago. Once again I appreciate the work your organization has done for us, and I have told a number of other soldier’s about you as well. You take the time to listen to soldiers and hear their needs. A lot of times we get second-hand stuff issued to us and for you guys to hear and acknowledge our needs is truly special. We all thank you once again, and will try send a pic or two of the gear that you sent.

Respect & Appreciation”
~ 1SGT Lawrence H.

” THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support to our country’s troops! I have been an infantryman for 7 years now and with each passing deployment it feels like less and less people remember we still have countrymen fighting over seas. I have so much respect for your team at Support a Soldier because you truly understand what it means to be a patriot by means other than being on the front lines.”
~ J.V

“In my 12 years of service and previous deployments, I can say for a fact that your organization is bar none, the best at understanding our needs and following through. You have greatly enhanced our survivability and mission effectiveness”
~ P.J.

” I am forever grateful and indebted to support a soldier organization for your kindness and support, not only to me but all those who have been in my situation before and will be in it in the future.”
~ D.D.

” You all are amazing. The gear we requested and received from you was very expensive and my teammates could not afford such expenses (taking it away from their family and pay check home). You all came through for us in a big way and we appreciate you more than we can express. It helps so much to know we are fighting for people such as yourselves. Appreciate your support.”
~ B.H.

” Thank you again for supporting many Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen throughout our long fight. We are grateful for what you do and the dedication you have towards people you don’t even know”
~ O.C.

          “I cannot say how much this gear means. We just got back from a long  haul and waiting was the backpack and taco pouches. The soldiers and myself love them. Thank you so much. They are already being put to use. We will now have an easier time carrying the load for our next mission thanks to you and your team. My team and myself are super grateful for your help. Thank you again.”


     ~SPC  Marquez

*THANK YOU* Your contributions HAVE made a difference to our Soldiers!

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