Below Is A Partial List Of Some Items ‘Support~A~Soldier’ Has Supplied In Answer To Soldier Requests

  • Numerous Shatterproof Sunglasses From A Top Manufacturer
  • Multiple Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist-Mounted GPS systems, Allowing A Soldier To Keep His Team Together While Having Both Hands Where They Belong — On His Weapon And Not Fumbling Around In A Ruck-Pack
  • Vehicle-Mounted GPS/ Requested To Mark Off The Streets The Team Had Already Been Down In The Twisted Maze Of An Iraq City
  • HumVee Panel Cover Which Draped Over The Front Seat Of The Vehicle. Back Side Of The Cover Are Pockets To Be Better Organized; To Put Ammo Magazines, First Aid Gear, Sunglasses, Compass And Some Food Items.
    *We have provided specialty backpacks, and a certain size of daypack
  • Thigh Holsters That Allow Both Comfort And Convenience
  • Headband-Headlamps So A Soldier Can See To Fix The Broken Down Motor Of His HumVeeAt Night Instead Of Holding A Flashlight In His Mouth
  • The Aways Popular And Hard To Get TActical Nomex Fire Resistant Gloves
  • Thicker Sleeping Pads So The Rocks And Gravel Aren’t Felt As Much
  • Various Multi-Purpose RuckSacks or DayPacks

SGT Josh with his nomex gloves

Sgt Chris team / GPS provided for them

Some of our contribution/donations went to a group of Soldiers here in Colorado to help with their training in conducting building/room clearing operations. Various situations were designed for the troops to have practice in tactically clearing rooms/houses while working on transitioning smoothly from their primary weapon (rifle) to a secondary (pistol) in case of a weapon malfunction or depletion of ammo. As Sergeant Powell reported, “The training went better than expected and 100% of the Soldiers said they would do it again and again if they had the opportunity.”

More Details On What Support~A~Soldier Has Provided

Garmin 60 CSx GPS
Price – $389.00
This request came from a Sgt who is a truck commander in a lead vehicle that does mounted patrols on his deployment. This particular model GPS was requested as a help in marking their routes, whether it is to show where a roadblock was or where a roadside bomb recently blew up.

Hand Warmers
Price $2 to $10 each
Hand warmers for the cooler weather around the corner

Weapon Cleaning Kits
Price – $10 to $35 each
Rods, brushes(tooth brush, barber brush), cleaning oils, wipe clothes

Petzel HeadLamps (available in several brands)
Price- $35 to $59.00 ea
This is a popular requested item from many soldiers. It frees up hands to work on the humvee at night, or find an item in the vehicle, or read paperwork/directives with hands free. These are great headlamps that come with a red light cover that is very useful when light discipline is in effect.

ForeTrex 401 Garmin Wrist Model GPS
Price- $160 ea
Repeatedly requested by Special Forces teams. This GPS can be used hands free to allow a trooper to be moving with his hands where they belong, on his weapon. They also reacquire the satellites better after radio jamming is turned off. (Radio jamming is used to stop remote detonation of IEDs)

HMM-VV Panel Cover
Price- $129.00 X 2 (needing 2)
This is a seat cover that drapes over the front seat of a Hummer. On the backside of the cover are pockets to put magazines, grenades and first aid gear that would normally be sitting on the floor making it hard to access. If the vehicle takes fire the soldiers can sustain longer firefights because of the increased capacity of ammunition available by placing the panels on the backs of the seats.

BlackHawk Tactical Nomex Gloves
These have been requested by Special Forces teams and many other combat teams. They are a very popular item and difficult for the soldiers to get or replace.

Protective Eye Wear
$120- $160/pr

*Support A Soldier Project, Paladin and associated Members are 100% voluntary and receive no remuneration of any kind for their work on this Project.

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